How-to” – instructions

Add a second factor to your WordPress server

We have plugin specially made for that purpose. Six basic steps to security.

Mikrotik router VPN 2FA authentication with the script

No radius server required. Mikrotik ROS has it’s own scripting language, powerful enough to use it for different tasks. In this repo notakey/mikrotik-2fa-vpn we can find all necessary components to make it happen.

Notakey appliance as a radius server (not only proxy)

Radius plugin is based on modified freeradius container. 

VPN 2FA in the setup with the radius server

NAA will act as a radius authentication proxy and return accept or deny replays according radius and Notakey appliance authentication results

Notakey WCP and windows remote connection

How to setup appliance to work with windows Notakey credential provider

Add Portainer plugin to manage containers in the NAA

Accelerate container adoption and reduce time-to-value on Docker and Kubernetes with a smart, self-service management portal, allowing you to deliver containerized applications from the data centre to the edge

Video Guides

How to install Rancher OS on ESXI VM

How to install Notakey Authentication Appliance

VRRP configuration guide

How to add VM to the cluster (use odd number of VM in the cluster)

Useful links

MikroTik client library for Notakey two factor authentication

Allows to integrate push notification based two factor authentication using Notakey Authenticator mobile app for iOS or Android in various MikroTik workflows, mainly targeted for VPN strong authentication

Add Multi Factor Authentication To Your Legacy Web Application

Configuration example of adding Notakey Multi Factor authentication to a legacy web application

Free, Secure and Strong — 2FA for Mikrotik and VPN

Complete guide how to setup the Notakey appliance at home. Radius authentication with Mikrotik User Manager as external user source

MFA evaluation guide

This guide will outline the different aspects of multi-factor security, which need to be taken into consideration, and help you evaluate them in the context of your requirements