Cloud service

Notakey Container Cloud Infrastructure allows your team accelerate the development of important projects and business security. We will handle the scalability and availability for you, including instant upgrades, security patches, and backups.

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Appliance on-premise

Build your own cluster and control all aspects of the Notakey appliance. Use built in cli tools and available interfaces. Tailor everything by your needs. Be in full control of your infrastructure and security.

First 10 users are free, then 0.80 € (~0,92 USD) per user per month.

Package contains the core Notakey API software, a RADIUS proxy for transparently integrating the Notakey API into existing RADIUS-based workflows, a Single Sign-On (SSO) web service for SAML and OAuth and other standard authentication support and various plugins for integration with cloud and local services.

NtkAA supports various redundancy and load balancing schemes and fully supports zero downtime rolling updates that can be requested with single command.

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For large organizations we offer orchestrated solution and consultancies how to build it.

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