Adaptive Control
for Remote Access

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As external threats evolve, so should security.

To effectively accomplish company’s mission, organizations are forced to provide access to “outsiders” such as vendors and business partners, to their most critical organizational assets as though they were insiders.

When it comes to an unsupervised environment, there is no one solution fits all. For some security might be too low – resulting in business interruption, while for some – too high, resulting in loss of productivity.

Do not trust blindly, be in control.

Always secure

People make errors. However, even if a rooted device is used and user data is phished, overall security can not be compromised.

Privilege Determination

Instead of spending time on determining privilege level for a user, managers can grant time based access to data.


Comes as an on-premise installation to guarantee that user data never leaves the company servers and country.

No hidden costs

Does not have any external dependancies for running the software. Works on 90% of all Android and Apple phones.

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We have partnered with system integrators across Europe. Our partners will always find the best solution for your company needs and provide support 24/7.

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