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Whether they are customers accessing your service, employees working from home, or contractors working from their offices, they all will need access to your IT infrastructure from an unsupervised environment.

Notakey is a multi-factor authentication solution designed for IT system administrators to have a granular approach towards access management. It is the perfect choice for companies looking to avoid cumbersome hardware tokens, or changes to the existing IT infrastructure.

Built on digital signatures

Extremely secure

Instead of shared secrets Notakey uses public key cryptography, where private key is generated and protected by phone's hardware element.

Lightning fast

Push notifications are used for delivering messages, leaving no space for human error as in the case of sms or hardware tokens.

Gives Control

Administrator has a full control over who and how are accessing data. Different user policies can be adjusted manually or using Notakey tools for automatic step-up authentication.

Costs less

Notakey uses phone's hardware instead of need for specially designed gadget, thus significantly reducing costs.

Partnerships with industry experts

We have partnered with system integrators across Europe. Our partners will always find the best solution for your company needs and provide support 24/7.

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