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Our promise

We give money back guarantee that our strong & smooth authentication and authorisation will improve your employee productivity and increase customer engagement.

With Notakey we take all the effort from the user and leave it to the technology (compliant with PSD2, eIDAS and GDPR regulations). No more manual retyping of codes. As our customers say: “It simply just works”.

Available on iOS and Android.

Built on digital signatures

Extremely secure

Instead of shared secrets Notakey uses public key cryptography, where private key is generated and protected by phone's hardware element.

Lightning fast

Push notifications are used for delivering messages, leaving no space for human error as in the case of sms or hardware tokens.

Private & legally binding

User database is distributed on the phones. This makes user all the time in possession of their identity to produce legally binding signatures (both advanced and qualified).

Costs less

Notakey uses phone's hardware instead of need for specially designed gadget, thus significantly reducing costs.

Partnerships with industry experts

We have partnered with system integrators across Europe. Our partners will always find the best solution for your company needs and provide support 24/7.

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